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    Openmindprojects in SE Asia, Thailand, an aid and volunteer overseas organizatio.

    Our 3 missions

    To bridge knowledge divides between rich and poor. Help the underprivileged to better learning opportunities with the help of modern information technology and international volunteers.

    To save nature. To contribute to the fight against increasing threats to our environment, nature and animals.

    To offer international volunteers unique opportunities to help bridge knowledge divides and save nature while growing as persons in our grass roots education and eco projects. Our programs, to volunteer in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal are designed to contribute to the motivation, creativity, inter-personal and cross-cultural skills of the international volunteer overseas.

    We offer amazing and challenging opportunities for overseas volunteers to contribute, in a meaningful way, to a better future of local underprivileged people and to a future too, for threatened nature and animal species.

    We arrange for committed volunteers to work in aid projects with local colleagues, helping the people and environment of Thailand, Laos, Nepal, and Cambodia.
    OpenmindProjects is not affiliated with any government, political party or religion. It is a privately operated organization incorporated in Thailand with local partners and projects in Laos, Nepal and Cambodia.

    The director of OpenmindProjects is a Swedish management consultant, Sven Mauleon with long experience from work in international organizations including the U.N. Read more. He is the co founder of OpenmindProjects. The other co founder, Thaweesilph Lunchaiapah, born in a poor rice farming village in Northeast Thailand, was the first local volunteer and a pioneer in our pilot projects, see . Today he is our Thai national and IT manager. Day to day operations of OpenmindProjects are carried out by bi-lingual local staff mainly coming from our own projects and trained by us.

    OpenmindProjects currently supports some 60 different aid and development projects where volunteers overseas are welcome.
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