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  • Added by Lopo Lencastre de Almeida 1 decade ago.
    I surely use it instead of Aroundme identity server :)
    It seems more friendly than the previous one.
  • Added by Jini 1 decade ago.
    I'm a user (and hoster) of aroundme identity server which I like a lot and Prairie seems to be the more user friendly incarnation of it, so I'd appreciate it very much to migrate our users to using OpenID with it.
  • Added by Michael Forde 1 decade ago.
    When a solution delivers the right thing, it just slipstreams into life. Prairie appears to be an exquisite solution to web ID management, that a user can control. I say, let this bird fly, and soon!
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  • Added by Espen Alexander Jütte 1 decade ago.
    It will be the first actually usefull php/mysql based openID server that you can roll out to many people. Wich has been one of my biggest problems as of late (i want to get our users over to OpenIDs for greater portability betwene ours ites), hope it works out.
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  • Added by tom 1 decade ago.
    If you want Prairie released under GPL (free software) license then tell us why you like it and what you would use it for. If 100 people tell us that they want it we'll release it So, a challenge; give the developers some inspiration and post a contribution!

    If your register and thus leave us your email we'll email you when we release it.

    As ever, thank you for your support!
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