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  • Added by Sebastian Öblom 1 decade ago.
    1) Completly new thinking in knowledge sharing
    2) Lightweight and simple tool
    3) Very tight code; give users ability to learn good coding standards
    4) uri-routing; give people an insight of how uri-routing is working and why it it good!
    5) The software is so fun to use!

    Does that count as "5" reasons? ;)

    How I am going to use it?
    The fact is that myself is not much of a producer on the web... I don't blog, I very seldom writes in forums, etc... But this tool gives me the ability to very easily (for me as an "consumer" on the web) just post links to stuff I find interesting on the web.
    It couldnt get more simple! :)

    So my vote is to open source the tool! :)
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  • Added by tom 1 decade ago.
    If you want Dutch released under GPL (free software) license then tell us why you like it and what you would use it for. If 100 people tell us that they want it we'll release it So, a challenge; give the developers some inspiration and post a contribution!

    If your register and thus leave us your email we'll email you when we release it.

    As ever, thank you for your support!
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