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  • Added by Rui Borges 1 decade ago.
    I think this master piece is exactly what I was waiting for several months! I look foward to test it along side with my website. Thank you for your work.
    Yours sincerly,
    Rui Borges
  • Added by andreis 1 decade ago.
    very good software
  • Added by Brad 1 decade ago.
    I am interested. please open sources this!
  • Added by mat 1 decade ago.
    Please please open this up....its great
  • Added by Pau 1 decade ago.
    Wating for the download link. I'm interesting this project
  • Added by Roberto 1 decade ago.
    Very usefull, release it!
  • Added by Tudor Boatca 1 decade ago.
    Wating for the download link. Good job!
  • Lopo Lencastre de Almeida avatar
    Lopo Lencastre de Almeida became a fan of this network 1 decade ago.
  • Added by Lopo Lencastre de Almeida 1 decade ago.
    If I had this last tools from you available last year won't be running on a mix of WordpressMu, MoonMoon, Lussumo Vanilla, etc.
  • Added by Richard Munslow 1 decade ago.
    I would like it GPL'd.

    The script is going to be a great success and i can only see people using it for good things.
  • Added by Richard Munslow 1 decade ago.
    A great script, 100% support from me and it would complement my design teams.
  • Added by Joe Fortuano 1 decade ago.
    I'm saving the perfect domain for this inspiring script. Keep the comments coming!
  • Added by Adam 1 decade ago.
    Nice work if you can get it! Open it up. Cheers!
  • Added by Nick Beatty 1 decade ago.
    This seems great! Open it up. thanks
  • Added by Jorge Garifuna 1 decade ago.
    This looks like a nice software I would be interested on the open source version.
  • Mark S. avatar
    Mark S. became a fan of this network 1 decade ago.
  • Added by Mark S. 1 decade ago.
    Am interested in using this code to start info sharing about music and arts in my area with like-minded individuals.
  • Added by GabrielTong 1 decade ago.
    I don't know what 's it yet, ?)
  • Added by Joe 1 decade ago.
    I will use it with my dance troopers.
  • Added by George 1 decade ago.
    GPL IT! because I am a poor dog and can't afford to hire someone to code for me something so I can start making money!
  • Added by komank 1 decade ago.
  • Added by Rob Brandt 1 decade ago.
    Yes, please, GPL it!
  • Rob Brandt avatar
    Rob Brandt became a fan of this network 1 decade ago.
  • Added by Germinal 1 decade ago.
    This is a beautyfull!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Added by Michael Forde 1 decade ago.
    Dutch needs to leave home because it:
    (1) Appears ready for prime time
    (2) Would make a super networking and knowledge multiplying tool
    (3) Seems easy to deploy and use
    (4) Gives control to the individual web user
    (5) Promises to be a ton of fun!


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