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    Want friends abroad ? Visit ! I may use this "Barnraiser" in the Signal soon...
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    This is some notes from Linnea:

    Old bugs:

    - a useable view of the pdf files when adding to a wiki/blog/discussion (bug)
    - upgrading ut so that wikis and blogs are clickable in the "my account" page (bug)
    - fix the bug where notifications with åäö turns into strange signs without content (bug)
    - RSS for discussion listing missing (bug)

    New bugs and things:

    - there's some bug with the messaging function that gives some people 11 or 103 new messages, at least that's what it says at the top of the page, but there are really no new messages to check so the number is perpetually there..
    - some bug gives an error message when you try to search for people in the network page
    - the gallery is arranged only by tags and not by "albums/galleries"..
    - the text shown in the new forum listing isn't from the latest forum reply, it's still from the first discussion post, so you can see which discussion has most recently been written in, but not what has been written :)

    Language things:
    Perhaps things that Sebastian or someone else can help us with?

    - in the identity profile of mittID the language_item_missing: txt_person/gender is missing.
    - in ungdomstorget "handera behörighet" these things are not in swedish: barnraiser_contact, manage_contact, barnraiser_gallery, add_gallery_item, manage_gallery, add_gallery_item_comment, barnraiser_guestbook, barnraiser_wiki
    - "relevance" in the wiki search should be "relevans" :)
    - "Digest" could use some swedish name, and also A swedish name for "Digest" , och ändra så att det står hur många nya meddelanden som kommit direkt...

    Future development:

    - adding the email contact form
    - implementation of the new design
    - tags on blogs
    - adding friends
    - wiki listing, listing the latest wikipages to be changed/added
    - a smarter poplog, at least so that the same wikipage being changed 20 times after one another doesn't show
    - calendar/event function
    - uploading files as a separate right
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