Introducing Dutch

"Dutch" is the codename for this piece of software. It is written by Barnraiser as part of research to re-think the way we share knowledge on the web.

Our goal is to create a fluid pool of knowledge shared amoungst interested people based upon them working together in gathering information from the web.

We are gathering initial feedback at the moment and our aim is to open source it when 100 people have contacted us to tell us how they might us it if it were free to them. You can add to that by telling us how you would use it using the form to the right.

Adverts are by Google. We are playing with targetted Adsence adverts based on tags (network name). If we open source this we will also publish information abotu how to add your own advertising mechanism into the back of it.

Adding information to Dutch

You may have noticed that Dutch parses certain information for you. This is done through a series of parsers which include:

  • Digg: You can publish links from which will be formatted to display the article introduction and picture.
  • YouTube: You can publish a link from which will be formatted to display the video thumbnail and introduction.
  • You can embed videos which will be displayed within your post.

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